Help When You Need It

Most technical questions have a one-minute answer that takes two hours to find.

Drupal Coach was created to be the service that we always wished we had.

We frequently found ourselves wishing we had someone who we could just ask when we had a question, instead of spending the hundreds or thousands of hours research solutions that were already out there... somewhere.

If you are in one of these situations, then Drupal Coach is the help you didn't know you needed:

Personal Coach

  • I want someone I can just ask things like "which module should I use for this" or "How do I do this [thing]"
  • I'm new-ish to Drupal and know the basics, but need a quick pointer now and then.
  • I need to add new functionality to a site, but don't know what the best solutions are out there, and want someone experienced to ask before I go down the wrong track.
  • I work on projects where I'm the only Drupal person, and I don't have anyone to ask if I have a questions.

Hands-On Help

  • We've got this one issue we haven't been able to resolve and we need someone to just come in and fix it for us quickly so we can get on with the project!

Let's Talk!

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Being Agile

We realize that this site is pretty basic so far, but that's because we're spending our time making sure other peoples' sites are awesome.   We're working on it, but we're taking the agile MVP approach to ensure that we provide services people want, not just things that we think sound good.